Google выключает навсегда контроллеры Revolv у пользователей

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Корпорация зла держит марку.

Google купила некоторое время назад Revolv — производителя контроллеров для домашней умной электроники. Теперь она уничтожает контроллеры этой марки у купивших пользователей. Не прекращает поддержку и производство, а просто «окирпичивает».

Дальше можно только цитировать с сайта

What happens to my Revolv service?
As of May 15, 2016, Revolv service will no longer be available. The Revolv app won’t open and the hub won’t work.
Is my product still under warranty?
No. Our one-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship has expired for all Revolv products.
What will happen to Revolv data?
Revolv data will be deleted.

В добавок этому, пожалуйт, можно только процитировать customer testimony:

Google is intentionally bricking hardware that I own.

That’s a pretty blatant “fuck you” to every person who trusted in them and bought their hardware.


В рамках экономии на чернилах маркетинговый отдел Google решил заменить лозунг Don't be evil на более экономный: be evil.

В рамках взрыва сарказма: вот описание контроллера с Амазона:

The Revolv Hub has 7 different radios, capable of speaking 10 of the most popular smart home protocols. The Hub already has the Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Insteon radios active. As the smart home industry grows, all 7 of your Hub’s radios will be activated automatically, giving you unrivaled compatibility and versatility as you expand your smart home. Revolv’s automatic & free firmware updates give you the peace of mind of knowing your smart home’s central Hub will remain the most powerful in the industry.
The Most Functional Design

The Revolv Hub uses the flash in your smart phone to connect your Hub to your Wi-Fi network. This means your Hub is not tethered to a router by an ethernet cable, allowing you to centrally locate it in your home. This provides you with superior reception to every smart device throughout your connected home. easy, elegant and powerful. Revolv’s 60 second Hub setup process and immediate auto-device discovery are unmatched in simplicity and speed.
The Most Powerful Hardware

The Revolv Hub contains processing power unmatched by any other smart home hub. This not only provides you with a faster smart home experience, but also means that your Hub is capable of controlling hundreds of smart home devices at once. As you continue to expand your smart home, our Hub will be able to match you. You can also take the power of controlling & monitoring your smart home anywhere in the world.

Revolv has the most extensive list of seamlessly integrated premium smart home devices such as Nest, Sonos, Philips Hue, and many more. Our ever-expanding list of supported devices and protocols is updated monthly.
The Revolv Application is for iOS and Android Devices

The free Revolv App is your way to set up, manage, monitor, and control your smart home from anywhere in the world. Our App is incredibly powerful, beautifully designed and, most importantly, intuitive. You can integrate hundreds of devices into the Revolv App and control them from your iOS or Android Device Home Automation can set all of your Smart Home Devices at once

Revolv allows you to create scenes, such as ‘shutdown house,’ ‘daytime,’ ‘coming home,’ or ‘party’ that can simultaneously change the state of as many smart devices in your home as you want. For example, your ‘movie time’ scene could turn down all of your lighting, turn off your music, lock your door, and roll down your blinds. Actions can be Time based, GeoSense focused, Sensor triggered, or On Demand

You can automate your home by having devices or scenes, such as 'bed time,' automatically activate. They can be triggered in four ways; Time, GeoSense location, Sensor, and On Demand The Revolv smart home app will control all of your smart devices from anywhere.

The Revolv app allows you to observe and control all of your attached smart home devices from anywhere in the world providing you functionality and peace of mind. You can Automate your home with your Revolv Smart Home Hub in any way you want.

Secure your home by glancing at device statuses, Set your home for night time with one click, Have your home automatically prepared for your arrival home, Illuminate your pathway at night, Have your home shut down when it's empty.

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