How Foursquare Check-ins Drive Cashsquare Gameplay

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Cashsquare is an application that allows you to create your own monopoly of the businesses in your town and around the world. When choosing from places all over the world be sure to choose businesses that receive high amounts of check-ins on Foursquare.

The integration of Foursquare into Cashsquare is the core element to the realism the game. You as a player can benefit in the game from your friends' real interactions on Foursquare. As soon as a person checks into a Foursquare property that you own on Cashsquare, you will receive your in-game cash, just like someone was paying you rent to eat, drink, shop or have fun in that place.

This is why you should purchase venues with as many real visitors as possible. Even if you don’t know many people that will visit that venue, you can always count on the real impact that it has on the property. Convince your friends to check-in whenever they visit the property you own on Cashsquare. You don't need to be shy, Cashsquare wants to help you in your lifestyle and it allows you to create the perfect virtual world, based on the reality that surrounds us.

Therefore, as soon as someone checks-in in real-time at one of your venues, you earn rent, with which you can purchase a bunch of other profitable properties from all over the world. The only limits in this game are the ones that you create!

Own the Places You Love with Cashsquare!

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