hetzner повышает цены на ipv4

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Hetzner прислал письмо о повышение цен на ipv4.

Dear Sir or Madam,

As you are probably aware from various reports in the media, the number of available IPv4
addresses continues to drop drastically on a global level. In Europe, the pool of available
addresses has already been completely allocated. We shall also not be receiving any further
IPv4 addresses from the Regional Internet Registry for Europe, Reseaux IP Europeens (RIPE).

As demand for IPv4 addresses continues to remain very high, we are forced to tighten
restrictions as regards both their use and allocation to clients.

For additionally allocated IPv4 addresses and subnets, we are obliged to introduce a new
pricing model for both existing and new orders.

As a first step from 1 March 2013, additional single IPs which are to be used in addition
to the Main IP will be charged at a price of 1 euro per month. This excludes the additional
IP address required for the chargeable KVM-over-IP Remote Management Option. The change affects
existing clients, who have obtained IP addresses without additional charge. Nothing changes for
clients who are already being charged for additional single IPs.

Furthermore, adjustments in the monthly price for regular and failover subnets will take place.
Clients who are affected here are those who have up to now received subnets free-of-charge or
at favorable rates.

From 1 March, the price will change for /29 subnets which have already been allocated to
clients. Prices for larger subnets for existing contracts will be adjusted in the months
following, so as to provide clients who have correspondingly larger nets with a little more
time to prepare for consolidation of the nets.

The following overview serves to clarify the introduction of the pricing adjustment as well
as the future conditions:

Price valid from Product Price per Month
1 March 2013 /30 Subnet 4 euros
1 March 2013 /29 Subnet 8 euros
1 March 2013 /29 Failover Subnet 18 euros
1 April 2013 /28 Subnet 16 euros
1 April 2013 /28 Failover Subnet 26 euros
1 May 2013 /27 Subnet 32 euros
1 May 2013 /27 Failover Subnet 42 euros
1 May 2013 /26 Subnet 64 euros
1 May 2013 /26 Failover Subnet 74 euros
1 June 2013 /25 Subnet 128 euros
1 June 2013 /25 Failover Subnet 138 euros
1 June 2013 /24 Subnet 256 euros
1 June 2013 /24 Failover Subnet 266 euros
1 June 2013 /23 Subnet 512 euros

The «Price valid from» is for existing subnets. The prices mentioned above immediately apply
to all new orders for subnets. All prices incl. 19% VAT.

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