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…третий час ночи. уже неделю почти не сплю.сил нет пишу как постил в FB. кому не безразлично поймет.

Please support peaceful revolution in Ukraine called EuroMaidan.

There was almost one million of people on the Independent Square in Kiev at the hot time! All this week the core crowd stays there. They really need help. It is cold now there, especially at night so they need costs for heaters, food and medicaments.

Of cause they were supported by regular transfers and PayPal from abroad (with a risk of account blocking by corrupt government), but today we started to use Bitcoin and Litecoin also! It is interesting if it works as a way for international support.

You can find donation buttons here on the trusted site —

Please help to spread that Bitcoin can help to fight with corrupt government.
Let the Bitcoin community show the power of cryptocurrency!

Thank you from the people of new Ukraine!

Наверное забанят за политику, ну и пусть…

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