Is interactivity a major factor for an app’s success?

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Psychology plays an important role in the success of any marketing strategy. Attracting people to your app needs the right psychological approach. Human behaviors are highly crucial which are required to be considered while forming strategies.

Simplest thing in application affects their interactivity greatly. For example, even the number of notifications, as well as the time at which they will be sent, have a strong impact. According to a survey, 60% of respondents have a preference for what time of day they receive notifications.

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This indicates that the way an app will communicate with users will have an immense effect on its success or failure. Do you know what are the factors that affect the interactivity of your app? Apart from that, how can you make an app interactive?

Let’s resolve the first query. Here are the top factors that have an impact on the interactivity of an app:

Smooth and seamless:

The first priority to make app interactive is allowing users to understand it. Seamless navigation of the mobile app can only allow an enjoyable experience. In a haphazard app, a user will end up getting confused.

Finally, leaving it to opt for a simpler application. Make sure, a user does not have to think “how to use an app”.


Make sure your app gives the right vibes! It is not tough to get humans attracted to something by feelings. By making an app intuitive means that you need to keep it simple and user-friendly.

As discussed above, send notifications according to user preferences. Every interaction between the app and the user should be performed with a proper understanding of human psychology.

Stimulates the senses:

Do you remember those teachers who used to ask their students to raise questions? Proper learning is only possible once you allow your learner to interact with the teacher. Similar is the case of app users, let them think.

Motivate them to interact with your application. There are numerous technologies that allow a great level of stimulation of senses. Like for example, if you have an e-commerce app that sells home decors.

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You can use augmented reality to allow users to see how an item they are planning to purchase will look in their home. Such features give a sense of participation to the customers and add value to your credibility.

Some other technologies like AR are virtual reality, artificial intelligence, internet of things, etc. You can hire custom software developers to make your app according to your preferences.


Most people leave an app because it took a long time to load. In the busy life of the contemporary world, it becomes tough to maintain the attention of people. Hence, use correct tech-stack while developing your app to ensure the speed does not become a reason for its failure.

Unexpected interactions:

We all love surprises, so do your users! Like notifications, think about some more ideas to interrupt them and interact with them. There can be innumerable ideas for doing this. How about an unexpected sale? Or surprise coupons for free delivery? Such things keep people intact and glued with your application.

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After reading about these factors that can affect the interactivity of your app, let’s find ou the ways through which you can inculcate them in your next mobile applications. Have you heard about interactive apps?

Interactive apps also are known as single-page applications. They offer interactivity which is hard to get in other applications. Let’s learn more about these apps:

Top interactive apps:

The first name that comes to mind while listing a few single-page applications is Gmail. It is the most successful and efficient SPA. Other top-notch mobile apps which are single-page applications are Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Maps, etc.

Meaning of SPAs:

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Single-page applications (SPAs) are known as interactive apps because it reloads the contents of a page dynamically according to the interaction of the users. It depicts that the user is not leaving the home page while exploring other tabs.

Hence, it is not a single page application in its literal meaning. It does not require to load the entire page from a new server again and again upon every single interaction by the user. this, of course, leads to an increase in the loading speed and enhances the overall performance.

This is the primary reason behind the immense popularity of SPAs in contemporary times. Hence, every big brand is making interactive apps. There are some other benefits also which comes along the interactivity power of SPAs.

Benefits of SPA:

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As discussed above, SPAs are quite alluring to entrepreneurs who want to provide the best user experience to their users. Here are some benefits of SPAs that make them the best apps to communicate with users:

Simple, smooth and seamless to navigate:

One will not have to wait to get the page reloaded upon a single click. Moreover, it is easy to find functions as it never leaves the home page. This provides simplicity to the app.

Quick to load:

I have already explained this feature within the meaning of SPAs. it eliminates the need to reload page contents from a new server which increases its loading speed exponentially in comparison to other apps.

Best technologies to develop a SPA:

The most popular programming technology for SPA is Angular. This javascript framework is popular for interactive apps because they are not about bombarding static pages with large data. Routing is the top reason why you can choose Angular developers to create single-page applications.

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Routing with Angular:

Angular Routing allows the purpose of single-page applications where they provide such an experience to users that they are not leaving the home page. It creates various URLs to take users to different content.

Whenever a user chooses a content, the router takes them there without leaving the single HTML page loaded in the beginning.

Some other benefits of Angular which make them the best technology for creating SPA are quick performance, easy maintenance, supreme level of flexibility, excellent UI support, cross-platform compatibility, etc.


Timely and effortless interactions between a user and an app can only help you survive in this competitive world. I hope this blog cleared your doubts about interactive apps. It’s not only restricted to beautiful designs rather extends to quick loading and routing.

This requires professionals who have the ability to logically think. Hence, you must hire mobile app developers who have the potential to understand your idea, target audience and possess the ability to change them into reality.

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