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If you know how to do something well, there is always an Asian who can do better
(one of the most popular Internet memes).
Aliexpress has already become a household name in the whole world. But Alibaba Group is not only the Internet mall, but also the number one cloud computing service in China. I ask those who are interested under the cat…
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 1

By the Minister of Defense of China is the chief of staff.
-My general, we have declared war on Czechoslovakia.
-What is their army strength?
-50 thousand people.
-Excellent. Think about which hotel to place them in.
humor since the USSR

Formulation of the problem
When Internet giants talk about large loads on their services, they always do it involuntarily looking to the East.
Still, you report on the registration of a million (ten-hundred-million) visitor, proudly showing charts and tables, and then a «small» mailer comes from the Middle Kingdom and tells how they handle billions of traffic (by the way, now, during the Chinese New Year) maximum).
I have long been talking (of course, mainly with the sellers of Aliexpress) with Chinese comrades and these people inspire me with respect.
Therefore, I could not pass by the possibility of penetrating, even if virtually beyond the Great Wall of China. Passed with a small loss.

… In any incomprehensible situation — swear.
naval wisdom

I used foul language often, but mostly from admiration. He left the computer, called the chewed mole, returned with a ruler… the numbers converged to the thousandths.
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 2
But first things first. 

For those who do not like a lot of letters
It is clear that the 1C Enterprise is located there as a glove, and on standard, not premium disks. So far these are the best servers from those that have been in my hands, both in quality and in terms of price / quality ratio.
Of the minuses only the lack of Russian language, Russian-speaking support and our mentality.
The cost depends on the physical location, in mainland China, for example, one and a half times cheaper than in Western Europe.
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 3
To get a server in China, you need to send scans of documents (driver's license or passport). Even if you are not going to place 1C or whatever in cloud services, I strongly recommend that you spend one dollar on registration and see what is the harmony of technical solutions.
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 4
In addition, this is a server where Postgres + Ubuntu confidently beat Microsoft SQL + Windows in tests 1C.
Test circuit and working order
Windows 2008 R2 Server, Ubuntu Server 16.04
Postgres 11, MS SQL 2014 evaluation, under Linux MS SQL 2017 evaluation
1C: Enterprise 8.3 (, Enterprise Accounting, Version 3.0 (
crystal disk mark, winrar, 7zip
Test configurations from 1C sites www.gilev.ru and fragster.ru, as well as processing
emulates user work in 1C Enterprise Accounting.
The configuration of both virtual machines is the same (4 cores 16 GB of RAM and 50 GB HDD) close to the real working one.
Gui are installed on both servers and tests were performed alternately from one to another.
Methods and references to the used configurations are in the first article.
Pictures are clickable. Full results printscreens under spoilers.
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 5
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 6    

Even the journey of one thousand begins with the first step.
Lao Tzu

If books have been written about Azure services, then you can write a collection of essays about Elastic Compute Service services.
Some of them I just do not know, not to tell how they work.
This article, I just take the first step inside of this diversity.

Those who are not afraid of many letters, let's start
Print screens will mostly not be tests, but interfaces and various configuration steps…

«To the question how are you — howled obscenely, got drunk, filled the face of the questioner, beat his head against the wall for a long time — in general he left the answer.»

As I said, Elastic Compute Service made a strong impression on me.
From the very beginning… From the very beginning, I discovered that out of 40+ proposed test products, the server for 1C cannot be assembled — there is not enough power.
I threw the bait into the support — and received a polite response that they did not decide such things, you must apply for financial support.

Lyrical digression:

I already knew that this method of refusal is practiced in the Scandinavian countries. Nobody directly tells you «no», just wait until you run out of breath running around the circle.

Therefore, the second letter was sent already with less enthusiasm… A day later, three Chinese looked at me.

I must say that apart from congenital politeness, in all things relating to communication, the Chinese can see pride in hosting the Olympic Games 2020. Therefore, everywhere where it is only appropriate you can see their logo:1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 7
And probably appropriate everywhere. In Russia, they usually say this: Made with love. For China, it may just be a job well done.

However, two of them quickly took their leave, providing the EMEA region manager with communication.

A guy from Moscow in a new car in St. Petersburg asks the way for a local one.
“About 97,” he says, looking at the numbers. “What region are you from?”
— It's you — from the region, and I'm from Moscow!

Which clarified the purpose of my visit, and I showed him on the prince what configuration I want to get
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 8
,(I was a little upset, of course, that I was not going to buy the server with barrels), took my word that I would help everyone from Russia to connect (which I self-confidently promised) and gave me a $ 150 coupon (a separate story is lower on the coupon).

...and from here comes the beginning
As I said, the service is excellent. Even thinking hard, do not come up with details that I would like to improve.
It even seems to me that the service selection pages somewhat overloaded with elements are made not so by chance, but in order to hit the scale of what is happening.
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 9
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 10
At the same time, the forethought is felt even in trifles — like a virtual tour for a new user
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 11
and compulsory acquaintance with SLA
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 12
or Ubuntu command line greetings (this is generally so cute).
Well, the ability to work from the web interface is of course a killer feature.
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 13
I think everyone who set up the server in the clouds, stepped on this rake — changed the RDP port and forgot to put it in the firewall or turned off the network card, a lot happens. One careless movement of the mouse — and you are already on opposite sides of the monitor, the server quietly puffs somewhere in Amsterdam, and you in St. Petersburg beat your head on the table.
And then if the virtual machine has basically started — you will get access to it.
What else is convenient — there is a label on the page with support calls on each screen.

The very configuration of virtual machines and tests passed without a hitch
What is not surprising, firstly in test machines there were 4 cores each, and secondly, perfectly balanced disks

The tests winrar and 7zip

1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 14
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 15

Internet access speed cut just as much as paid.
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 16
As I said, in this configuration of the equipment in the 1C tests Postgres rushed Microsoft.
And with the default settings, more than the recommended.
HammerDB tests for MS SQL almost reached the published officialAlibaba Cloud Performance White Paper


1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 17

APDEX is expected to be max. 
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 18

...And then Ostap suffered…
«Twelve Chairs»

-Est pourquoi ne pas?: -I thought. And assembled the configuration of the virtual architecture of the medium business of your dreams
(This is of course a word of wit, in fact, just which I would recommend, I have more dreams)
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 19
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 20
Almost fit into the allotted 150$ coupon.

Technical retreat: a VPN and a WWW server could of course not be collected by myself, but of course you could buy ready-made, in the set of services offered, of course, there is one and the other, just like ApsaraDB for MS SQL, for example.
But VPN seemed to me that it would be more expensive, but for web servers, the configuration is rather weak, it will not pull 1C Bitrix.

Lyrical digression

Еif you want to build the same configuration for work, do not buy the word «1C» in its name, and don’t call for setting up 1C specialists, don’t even call me), go to a decent Linux forum and invite to set up VPN and WWW admin backbone provider. These people do these things with flies on the fly… that your servers will fly no worse. Do not forget to make archives only.

...and only I froze in the midst of all this magnificence… how I was beaten...
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 21

… you ask without respect, you do not offer friendship, you did not even call me godfather.
The Godfather

Namely, when I received the coupon, I had to write in response: I agree with using 150$ USD coupon to my account, I did not do that… well, I overclocked a little with the configuration.
Hope we still make up.

So at this point the story ends and it's time to bring the full result
Alibaba Cloud's Elastic Compute Service is an excellent choice for hosting a virtual infrastructure, both for IT gourmets and for general users.
While not well studied and presented in our country, therefore, a small share of adventurism is present in this decision.
Its further development in Russia probably depends on ourselves. Who does not risk, he does not drink champagne.
May Europe overtake the EMEA region of the Middle East and Africa.
I recommend it at least for viewing to all who read this article, as a model of technical excellence
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 22
Да пребудет с вами восточная мудрость и благоденствие.
И да, от своих слов я не отказываюсь, пишите, перекину вам контакты менеджера региона EMEA, господина Leo Liu.

Test results from 1C

1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 23
1C and Elastic Compute Service Alibaba Cloud - 24

The article continues the cycle of cloud platform tests:
1C and Yandex. Cloud Compute Cloud. Along and across

If you have a fountain, shut it up; give a rest and a fountain
Kozma Prutkov

With each article I discovered something new for myself, and I hope I managed to partially share this with you.
Very interesting comments turned out.
For this special thanks to those who wrote.

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